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  • An amazing adventure ......... This journey has been a personal one for me. When the rain came on Christmas Day 2015 we all sat back and watched the horrendous event that was un-wrapping ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2016, 13:50 by Yorkshire Voluntary Flood Support
  • A Christmas to Forget...Definitely? Hi and welcome to the first Yorkshire Voluntary Flood Support group blog.   I have to admit that despite having so much to tell you I had no idea where I ...
    Posted 2 Feb 2016, 12:09 by Yorkshire Voluntary Flood Support
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        We are very sad to say that Vicki has decided to step down from the charity, she has other commitments that she feels need her attention moving forward. We would like to wish her well in her future endeavors.

We are now looking for someone who would like to join our Voluntary team, this is a home based role and once we find the right candidate we can then review the roles and responsibilities. If you know or you are interested please contact me on the email address's on the contact us page or submit the form attached and we will of course respond at our earliest convenience. 

Karen is a co-ordinator for Yorkshire Volutary Flood Support
  This all started on Facebook, Boxing Day 2015, when my husband Daniel posted his business card for DSB Property Services, in order to offer immediate help to those who were being flooded at the time. There were a few 'negative' comments, but then Vicki, (whom I'd never spoken to before), asked if I'd be interested to join forces and start a Facebook group where anyone - those who were flooded, volunteers, and tradesmen - could use the same space to get together to help each other help those who had been flooded. Things have gone from strength to strength at a pace since then!! 

My journey to this has been a personal one, as we've had our life-share of trauma, but we've had the benefit of love and support from some amazing people all through. That's given us skills and determination to see things through to better times. Since then we have gone on to have 2 more children 6 & nearly 2. I work for my husband's business and i love it.

Seeing and hearing about so many people having their lives turned upside down by the floods, somehow energized us to give something back of ourselves to those devastated by the flooding.

Through YVFS I've come to meet some amazing folk, and made some life long friends. We've worked with around 20 families in many different ways, and as a team we are now well placed to help even more, should they need help in the future, should there be even more flooding.

DAN... Hi my name is Daniel but everyone calls me Dan, i have been working in the background since December 2015 but over the last few months i have become more and more one of the leading roles. When Vicki decided to step down i agreed to step up. I am Karen's husband and we have been together since Dec 2005, we run a business together called DSB Property Services for the past 4 years. 

My inspiration came after seeing so many businesses and residents loosing everything in a matter of hours, the pictures on facebook and the news were just deverstating and i just felt that something needed to be done to help. Myself and Karen agreed to take in donations over the christmas period and we delivered them to a local Primary School who then distributed them as and when needed. I also listed my business card on a facebook page and like anything on social media their were a few members who jumped in to judge and this is where the charity began. Since then it has just grown and grown. 

Myself and Karen would like to keep the charity as simple as possible, we want to help those who are in need as quickly and smoothly as possible, working alongside those who are in a more official role to make the process back to normal life and easy one.wefe


07506 484061

Dan: 07598 937931


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'Please help us to help others! 

‘Helping to rebuild lives and homes’ 

‘This is a team effort and YOU are a big part of that team’ 

‘Sometimes all that’s needed is a spark of an idea…’

‘Ensuring donations get to the right people’ 

‘YVFS is proud to be part of a Yorkshire that has united to help flood victims’ 

‘When this happened and it is on your own doorstep you almost don't have an excuse’ 

‘It is just a horrendous time to have your life turned upside down’ 

‘We all had time off over Christmas so it was the right thing to do’ 

‘150,000 FB post-reach, that’s absolutely incredible’ 

‘Working closely with several other flood support groups’ 

‘Its overwhelming the sheer scope of the needs of people, and the psychological support necessary’ 

‘Signposting people to where they can get help and advice’ 

‘Raising a fund to help those who need practical and immediate help’ 

‘While the water may have receded, the needs of people are still as great as ever’ 

‘The short term is to clean up, but YVFS are here for the longer term’